Review of One To Many with Lisa Johnson PLUS affiliate bonuses for 2021

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 If you’re looking to join Lisa Johnson’s One To Many Course to scale your business or start a new one – then check out my review of the programme PLUS some awesome EXTRA free bonuses that come with the 2021 programme, if you book via this review.



  • What is One To Many?
  • Why did I do the course?
  • Who is Lisa Johnson?
  • Who is the course for and will it be right for you?
  • What’s in the course?
  • What extra bonuses can you get from booking through this review? 





What is One To Many?


Previously called Passion For Passive, One to Many is Lisa Johnson’s signature programme that is designed for those of you who are serious about making a sustainable, profitable business and move away from a side hustle that earns very little.


It is a fast-track course that contains everything you need to create, grow and maintain a passive or semi-passive business through the creation of courses or memberships. Literally, no part of the business jigsaw is left out so, in theory, you only need this course to create a thriving business.




Why did I do the course?


I am a PR strategist and up until recently, all the work I did was on a 1-2-1 basis. It was good money but I worked long hours, I was tired and I had no way to earn more because I had no more hours to work with.

A gorgeous friend introduced me to Lisa and just by sitting on the sidelines, watching other people’s achievements and successes and following Lisa’s story, I began to see how this could work for me.

Passion For Passive was the original name of the course and it’s the programme that I took in 2019. Within a year, I had built an audience (for free) and launched my first PR course – ultimately taking my first small step into semi-passive income. By the time I launched my second course, I took £3k during that launch week and I knew then that I had built a business model that was going to make me so much more money and I didn’t need to sacrifice my health and happiness.




Who is Lisa Johnson?


Lisa Johnson started her journey to seven-figure success from very humble beginnings and I think this is one of the things that drew me to her.


She makes no secret of the fact that we are all driven by money and she readily talks about it – a quality that’s infectious and once you’ve broken down what she calls the ‘money mindset barriers’ then real business strategy becomes so much easier.


Having taken the long route through business and invested in all the tools and courses she could find, there is not much she doesn’t know about building a successful business – I mean, she makes 7 figures a year!




Who is the course for and will it be right for you?


Let me start by telling you who the course is not suitable for: If you’re the kind of person who starts a project with energy and zest and then little by little you lose interest, then this is most definitely not the course for you.

You will be building a business that relies on you putting in the hard work at the beginning – all your assets are created in the first year and then life becomes easier as you settle into your groove and resell what you’ve created.

Lisa’s online community is appropriately named ‘The Fabulous Five Percent’ because 95% of businesses fail in the first year and it’s the successful 5% that DON’T give up.

So if you have knowledge or skills that you can share with the world, from accountancy to knitting and anything in between (yes, I’m serious), then this is perfect for you.



What’s in the course?


I’m not joking when I say that this course is really concise and I often describe it as a ready-made business in a tin because of the value you get.

You’ll learn and receive every part of the jigsaw, from creating lead magnets, growing audiences, nurturing them, selling, building assets – the list goes on.

 Plus you get all the difficult techy stuff done for you as part of the programme so you’ll come away with a beautifully designed lead magnet, a webpage and an email nurture sequence within your chosen platform to grow your audience! This is the stuff that would set you back a lot of money if you were to outsource it!

Some little extras that blew my mind were the sales bonuses, mindset and accountability support, and the evergreen course modules. These are just three examples of the added extras that come as part of this banging package but it’s bonuses like these that really set One To Many apart from the rest.



What extra bonuses can you claim from booking through this review?


So I make so secret of the fact that I’m a very proud affiliate of One To Many – it’s the only programme that I have partnered with because I truly believe that if you put the work in, this course can change your life.

So that’s why I’ve developed my fabulous PR bonus package that is FREE for those who book One To Many through me!


You will receive Lisa’s bonuses AND these:

 * Full access to my live Powerful PR course where you’ll learn how to get your new passive income idea in the press! VALUE: £347.

* A press release review by our in-house NATIONAL journalist to ensure you’re pitching perfectly to the press! VALUE: £150.

* A training session with our National journalist where you’ll learn the inside secrets on what journalists really want from you! VALUE: £100​.

This package is worth £597 and it will give you everything you need to get your new business in the press and get truly visible with publicity!



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