How should I write a product press release? - Pitch & Shout

Writing a product press release can be a tricky skill to master, but not for the reasons you may think. The most common reason people get so confused about product press releases is usually that they are simply overthinking it.

There are many types of hook or story angle to be used with PR, so why on earth do people get so damn confused with product press releases?

It’s because there is a natural urge to present our business to the press, thoroughly rolled in glitter. In many press releases we can use hooks like a great back story or case study to give the business some meatiness but what do you do if there is no back story or case study?

Well, here are my three top tips for overcoming this hurdle.

Tell them what it’s good for.

Now, I don’t mean you have to state the obvious – “It’s a watch, it tells the time.” What I mean is, tell the journalist why their readers might love it and where might it sit well in their publication? Maybe that watch would be a great Valentine’s gift for a husband?

Give them enough information so that if they wanted to feature your item, they have no need to ask you for additional info.

Now that you have told them exactly what your product is good for, you need to make sure you have given them everything else they need. Before you press send, ask yourself – “can they write their story with everything I have given them?” Your answer should be “YES!”

These things include quotes, stockists, prices and images.

Don’t overdo the adjectives.

When I teach my students how to do their own PR, I explain it like this: Your press release should sound like an instruction manual rolled in a little bit of glitter, rather than a sales pitch rolled in a truckload of glitter.

Try not to over-sell your product by describing it with lots of words like ‘amazing,’ ‘awe-inspiring’ or ‘brilliant!’

Remember – the journalist is writing the story, you are just providing the information they need to do so.

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