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By Jennifer Breeze

If there’s one thing we all love to read—it’s a juicy story!

When you’re ready to be noticed and sought after by all the right people, the best thing you can do is
start telling your story on social media. And not a perfectly polished version of a Pollyanna life, but the
true nitty-gritty version of your story

And as you build success with your clients, you’ll want to tell their stories, too! Of course, make sure
you have their permission to tell any part of their story or make it an anonymous client story. I
encourage you to tell stories in your social media posts, blogs, emails, and even weave them into your
training. Humans have loved storytelling for as long as we’ve been in existence, and it’s a powerful tool
that savvy business owners use every day… to sell.

When I finally got over my shyness and need to appear Mary-Poppins-Perfect, I told a story about how I
was put in a remedial math group in Elementary School. I shared how that impacted my perception of
myself, and how decades later, it was still holding me back in life. And then I explained a new truth I had
uncovered and how that enabled me to be super successful at what I do. It resonated with a ton of
people and ramped up my social presence (and sales!) more than I anticipated.

Being vulnerable with my audience through telling this story opened me up to a whole new audience.
Suddenly I had people commenting and messaging me that had never interacted with me before. Which
of course boosted me up in the social media algorithms, further connecting me with more ideal clients.

Be brave with your storytelling—show us what you’ve overcome, what you stand for, and how you make life better for your clients.

Storytelling is your recipe for success in sales.

Jennifer Breeze – Breeze Copywriting

Let’s dive into the anatomy of a great post, shall we?

Start with your reader in mind

What do you know about them? What struggles are they trying to overcome? What have they tried? What is holding them back? And how can you tell a story about overcoming that very same obstacle?

Write a scroll-stopping hook

  • Make a bold statement (mic drop right from the start, then explain yourself after).
  • Approach things from a surprising angle (what do you believe that goes against the grain?).
  • Make an unexpected comparison (How is your biz just like a __…toddler, a chicken, a diaper blowout, trip to the beach, etc. Be creative look around your life, and try to draw connections and similarities).
  • Share a statistic (some people are really motivated by facts and stats).

Tell a Story

Talk about how you or a customer experienced a transformation as the result of your offer. Here are some great story starters to get you warmed up.

  • …And things were never the same again. Transformation stories are GREAT!
  • Do you love shortcuts? (tips and hacks help create trust).
  • She did it! Tell a success story.
  • Drop it like it’s hot! I used to stress about…
  • Listen to the whisper…Tell about a dream your client has and how they can fulfill it.
  • A picture paints a thousand words: Expand on the story about a photo that means so much to you.
  • I dropped the ball! The day it all went wrong! and how you bounced back from it.
  • Don’t give up! Tell about a time you persevered.

End with a compelling Call to Action (CTA)

It’s important that every single post has a clear action that you want your audience to take. The reasons behind this are:

a) You get to know your audience better.

b) Readers are encouraged to take a non-sales action, which in turn gets them more comfortable with you and more likely to take the sales actions.

Always make it EASY for readers to know the next step you’d like them to take with you.

Some potential CTAs include:

  • REPLIES – Ask your audience to reply to your post (drop an emoji or give me a “Yes”, or
    tell me your favorite __)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Do you want them to follow you on a different platform? Your post is
    on FB, but you want them to follow you on IG, or join your group elsewhere…
  • CALENDAR INVITE – Do you offer discovery calls or power hours?
  • DM – Let them know that you welcome a DM from them if they want to chat further.
  • SURVEY OR POLL – Do you want to get some information from your audience? Do some ideal client research here.
  • VOTE – Are you deciding on an offer or a training? Let your audience tell what they want.

And that, my friends, is the formula for a social post that sells! Easy right? For me, the hardest part was
locking in on a mindset that it is okay to show my weaker sides. I realized that my ideal clients were not
looking to work with Miss Perfect, they want to work with a real, relatable human. So go, be yourself,
and share your flaws, foibles, and fabulous transformations with the world. You’ve got this!

About Jennifer Breeze

Jen is a Freelance Copywriter and Copy Coach, teaching women how to master their sales messaging with confidence. As a former teacher, she makes complex ideas easy, fun, and DOABLE.

She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Pastor Mike, and their 2 young children. She balances homeschooling and entrepreneurship by leaning on ice cream and the serenity prayer. Connect with Jen at or Breeze Copy Coaching | Facebook

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