How to find journalists and distribute your press release - Pitch & Shout

Starting out your PR strategy often throws up lots of overwhelm and one of the biggest conundrums is how to find journalists and get your press release in front of them. There are a few ways to do this and I’ve covered three sterling examples in this video:

So if you’re scratching your head when it comes to sending your press release, don’t let it put you off – there are lots of ways you can reach journalists.


Sometimes referred to as ‘the wire.’ Presswire is a service that you can use to distribute a press release to a large number of publications in one go. It usually costs around £150 for an average size audience and it’s a quick and efficient way to get your information out there, landing in the inbox of subcribed journalists.

Pros: You get your release in front of lots of eyes and those receiving it will have signed up to be recipients.

Cons: There’s nothing personal about this form of distribution so make sure you’re not sending everything this way. Some stories need a personal touch.

Media Databases

You can sign up for a media database and build your own media distribution list, using criteria such as interests and job title. This is a great way of taking control of distribution and will often throw up journalists and publications that you had not thought of.

There are lots of news wire companies but a good place to start is Presswire.

Pros: The mail merge type distribution means you can personalise huge amounts of emails with names.

Cons: Monthly subscription can be pricey.

Research and Personalise

By far my favourite method of contacting journalists! Good old-fashioned research and email means you can really personalise your pitch, learn about the person you’re talking to and foster a great relationship.

Pros: Quality over quantity is often rewarded and this is what will make you stand out in a very noisy industry.

Cons: A much slower process.

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