How can I get my products featured in magazines? - Pitch & Shout

So you want to get your products featured in magazines but you’re totally fresh out of ideas on how to make your scented bath bomb subscription box sound exciting. I get it. Bath bombs are lovely but unless they come hand-delivered by Channing Tatum, there’s not much else to say.

But what if I told you that actually there are lots of ways you can re-purpose your product press releases to make journalists love them?

products featured in magazines

Here are three really great examples:

Case Studies

Journalists love case studies! It’s kind of like giving your product a real-life story that provides a new and exciting angle.

So what’s a product case study when it’s at home? Here’s an example: During the first lockdown, there were lots of real-life stories in the magazines about families who had created beautiful garden utopias at home, using just simple materials from a budget DIY store. Do you remember them?

Well these real life stories were put together by the DIY store to showcase what can be achieved by using products from their store. Thus creating a product-led story that is actually interesting to read!

Maybe you have an interesting customer journey or experience to talk about? A transformation? Or has your product been used by a special organisation? Has it been used to do some good in the world?

Awareness Days

Journalists need a ‘hook’ for a story. In the case of products, this is essentially the thing that links the product to a relevant subject, trend, awareness day etc.

So if you sell meditation CDs, you could write a press release that is focused on Stress Awareness Month and link it to your product!


Now that you’ve got to grips with creating a hook for your product, your next angle could be a trending subject.

For the last twelve months, lockdown has been trending in the news and the press have hardly been talking about anything else. Creating a press release that shows how your meditation CD helps those who are suffering with lockdown anxiety is a great way in.

Maybe you sell home hair colours that could revolutionise how we do our own hairdos during lockdown. Gone are the days of shoddy dye jobs and frazzled locks!

What’s all the fuss about?

Do you think brands like Lush, Birchbox and HelloFresh made their millions by a little advertising here and there and a fab social media account? Well, this helps but actually it’s brands like these that get their products featured in glossy magazines and get truly visible in front of their audience with stories, features and reviews.

Want to learn how to do the same? Check out my free PR resources or courses and take the first step on the publicity ladder.