Want a simple approach to your small business PR in 2021? Here's how.

If you own a small biz or startup and you want to make 2021 the year that you get some publicity, authority and growth, then here are my top tips for doing your small business PR without losing sleep!

small business PR

Planning – it’s so predictable but it’s also really important!

I know! You’re already rolling your eyes! But planning your PR for twelve months in advance is so important. You might think that twelve months is excessive but planning this far ahead could mean that you land a golden opportunity.

For example, think about lead times. Most publications need at least a couple of weeks notice to place a feature, and some even need six months notice! Imagine losing a total home-run piece of publicity, (the kind where you’re the ideal fit and there’s no way they’d have said no to your amazing story) just because you didn’t send your press release early enough.

Break the year into quarters.

Once you have planned what you want to do over the next twelve months, you should break that calendar into quarters and tackle them one at a time.

For each quarter, think about what you want to achieve, what are your priorities and what needs writing first.

Keep track of who you’re talking to.

Have you ever been in either of these situations?

  • You send a pitch or introductory email to the same person twice, on two totally separate occasions because you forgot that you’ve already contacted them. And now you look and feel like a total d**k.
  • You get an email from someone who says they’re really interested in your offer but you’ve not got the foggiest idea what you’ve offered them. You then proceed to scroll for thirty minutes through your sent items to see what they are talking about.

I probably don’t need to be telling you this but the best way to avoid these situations is to keep a simple Excel sheet of your communications.

Not only will it help to avoid these awkward faux pas but it should also help you to remember to pick up leads that would otherwise run cold!

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